Advance BioStructural Correction

"Despite considerable evidence that posture affects physiology and function, the significant influence of posture on health is not addressed by most physicians." Lennon et al 1994

In my practice, I have seen incredible recoveries of health, clients overcoming incredible challenges to regain their health with my guidance. The benefits I have seen by simultaneously addressing nutrition and posture far exceed anything I had previously seen, both for myself and my clients. Your posture may be killing you faster than your diet! A forward posture puts stress and tension on the spinal cord, affecting brain physiology, as well as collapsing the ribs and abdomen, causing compression of the heart, lungs, and internal organs. Without addressing posture, nutrition is of limited benefit to the client. Have you struggled with fatigue, insomnia, digestive disorders, or other symptoms that seem unresponsive to other therapies? Perhaps the answer is in your posture.

Are you considering surgery for pain or injuries? Check out this article and reconsider that it may not be the "quick fix" they're selling it to be.

"Advanced BioStructural Correction™ is the only way to effectively correct the structure of the spine to produce dramatic, predictable results for every client, no matter what they think is wrong with their back."

The difference between standard Chiropractic and other manual body
therapies and true structural correction.

The first thing to note is that all of these therapies, including ABC™ can
be classed as manipulation of bones or other body structures and tissues.
Every different discipline has their statements as to why their method
should be called something else and is special but that does not change
that it is manipulation.

The original idea was and still is, to find bones out of place and correct
their positions. This sometimes works well, sometimes does not work or
does not work well and sometimes is harmful.

Due to the inconsistencies in effect of trying to realign the bones there
have been many theories and many systems put forth. None of them have
resulted in the development of a consistent and predictable effect of
treatment until Advanced BioStructural Correction™ has come along.

The difference.

The difference between ABC™ and all the other methods is that the other
methods are attempting to directly straighten the body. ABC™ has
discovered it is basically impossible to accomplish this because the body
is in a three dimensional twist.

Further, you do not have a neck, back and low back. You have a spinal
column that is a single synchronized functioning unit. The reason is not
just that all the bones are connected but additionally that you have very
tough elastic membranes covering the spinal cord and brain going from the
tailbone up into the skull that attach to the bones of the spinal column
and skull. That makes the spinal column not just a stack of bones but a
spring loaded lever system to hold the body upright. Even more, because the
elastic tissues transmit mechanical stress from one spot to another just
like a rubber band. So, try to straighten one thing and, if it not just the
right thing the elastic tissue will transmit the mechanical stress and move
something else out of place.

That is a huge consideration compared to the usual anatomical consideration
of the neck, back and lower back being different regions of the spine that
can be considered separately from the rest of the spine. It is also a very
different consideration from the view of looking to just a few bones and
determining one is out of position compared to the others. The reason is
that even if a bone is out of position compared to the others, there is no
ability to determine if that bone is out of position because there is
something wrong there of if that bone is out of position as part of a
compensation pattern for something else that is out of position.

So that is some basic information that will give you an understanding of
what we say now.

If you take x-rays and measure the positions of all the vertebrae you
discover that just about all the things others say are accurate
observations but without that last consideration of being able to determine
if the bones are out of place as part of a compensation pattern or as part
of some primary problem that needs to be considered. Further, if you take
x-rays after trying to directly correct bones out of place you will most
often discover changes in structure that do not seem to make sense unless
you understand that the spine is one single synchronized unit with that
elastic membrane transferring the mechanical stress and moving other things
seemingly unrelated.

With the discovery that bones go out of place in directions the body CANNOT
self-correct because there are no muscles or combinations of muscles that
can pull in the direction needed to pull those bones back to their correct
positions true structural correction becomes possible.

To understand the reasons you must keep in mind that the bones out of place
that the body CAN self-correct but does not are part of the compensation
pattern the body is creating to deal with the imbalances created by the
bones out of place that it cannot self-correct. You further have to
understand that moving the bones the body can self-correct but does not is
an elimination of part of the compensation pattern. Therefore, moving those
bones does not reduce the mechanical stress it just shifts the mechanical
stress creating the need for the body to reset the compensation or,
compensate in some other way.

So, that is the answer to why treatments do not hold in place when they do
not – the bone moved was a compensation that the body needed to reset. It
is also a large part of the answer to why structural correction can now
actually be accomplished.

Why structural correction can now be accomplished:

Correcting ONLY the ones out of place that the body cannot self-correct not
only results in better alignment of those bones, it results in reduction of
mechanical stress and better balance (or less imbalance). Further, since
the body no longer needs to compensate for those imbalances it allows the
body to then self-correct the bones out of place that it can but did not
because they were compensating for those imbalances.

THAT results in the body unwinding (or untwisting) through the twists and
bends it was creating to deal with the imbalances and results in actual
correction of the structure rather than just shifting of bodies
compensation patterns.

You can know that is true because bodies treated with the Advanced
BioStructural Correction™ protocol have good posture (stay upright all by
themselves) with no muscular effort by the people treated.

Advanced BioStructural Correction™ does this starting with the first visit
on ALL human bodies.

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