Bone Broth

If you are feeling the chill, definitely get yourself some bone broth! I first started learning about bone broth a couple years ago, and was a bit overwhelmed with the process of making it in my slow cooker. But last spring, I got an InstaPot off Amazon and now I can make great tasting broth with herbs and spices in about 1-2 hours without any scorching or waiting! Bone broth made with grassfed beef bones is incredibly inexpensive to make yourself, whether you make it plain or add great medicinal herbs like I do. Some of my favorites are lingzhi mushrooms, turmeric, dried chiles, rosemary, thyme, and seaweeds. I always wait and salt it when serving, so not to damage the salts with high heat. Bone broth is full of nutrition and collagen, plus, if you're trying to cleanse because you feel a sniffle coming on, it's an easy way to fast in the winter! All it takes is 2-3 bones from your butcher in 3-4 liters of water or Alphay lingzhi tea in the pressure cooker for 90 minutes. Play with spices and seasonings until you figure out what you like. Some people will add a little apple cider vinegar to the liquid before cooking, but that's optional. Enjoy!