What is it?

Brainnasium is neurofeedback training that uses a proprietary methodology developed by Dr. Edward Nichols. Brainnasium can help you to harness the power of your brain for optimal effectiveness in business, sport, creativity and life.

How it works

During a half-hour training session, a sensor is placed on each of your earlobes and one on the back of your head TO DETECT YOUR BRAINWAVES.

Your brain’s activity is transmitted to a powerful computer equipped with patented software.  

The software detects BRAINWAVE PATTERNS associated with optimal performance as you lie back and relax - listening to pleasant ocean and stream sounds.

When your brain is performing optimally it is rewarded with pleasant auditory tones. This is called operant conditioning.

You lie back and relax as your brain is taught how to optimize brainwaves associated with peak performance.


Brainnasium clients report a life-changing , sense of relaxation, a quiet and clear mind, resilience, increased awareness and a connectedness that allows intuition and inspiration to flow.

Focus more

Professional athletes and musicians use Brainnasium to be “in the zone,” tuning out distractions, increasing processing speed and focusing all their energies on the task at hand. Smoother functioning equals greater poise under pressure, improved recovery speed after an error, and less “over-thinking” in crucial moments.

Train better

Brainnasium provides high performers with the tools to train and exercise in the same way as one exercises and builds muscles. Brainnasium training makes more efficient use of brain resources by strengthening specific neural connectors.


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