EMF Protection

I personally wear Lambs EMF radiation-blocking underwear, and I recommend everyone wear them, too!

So many contradictory sources... what to believe?

As 5G rollout is happening, EMF exposure has become a burning issue. While hundreds of renown scientists across the world have raised concerns about its safety, the wireless industry has been playing the same PR / study-funding game as big tobacco or big oil in the 70s-90s.

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Today, even if more research is necessary as biological effects are hardly quantifiable, the vast majority of studies points out to negative impacts on fertility (up to 50% decrease in sperm count) and increased risks of cancer (up to 35% increase in the risk of developing specific tumors). So why not go ahead of those risks and protect ourselves?

That’s the mission of Lambs:

Lower the impact of wireless radiation through garments without compromising on living a modern life.

how do Lambs products work?

Today, the only real way to be protected from radiation is to create an electromagnetic shield (also known as faraday cage). While this might sound like coming straight from sci-fi, electromagnetic shielding has actually been used for years in microwaves or spacesuits.

Our patented WaveStopper technology uses this principle and integrates it in fabric for everyday life garments. When looking inside your Lambs, you will notice a tight mesh of silver fibers all around the inside. These silver fibers exist also in the front area, where there is an additional cotton inner lining for comfort. Our beanies have the same all-around silver mesh, except that this lining is inside the two wool layers. It is this silver mesh all over of the garment that allows a real electromagnetic shielding protection.

Here are the most commonly asked questions:

Why does the WaveStopper fabric (or conductive fabric) need to be all around the garment?

The silver mesh it needs to be all around the garment to be efficient. If it were only covering the front area (or the “genitals area”) for instance, it would not cover a sufficient surface to block radiation, and might act as a conductive antenna instead. This would have to opposite effect as desired – attracting radiation on the genitals area.

How can I be sure your products are efficient?

We test the efficiency of the technology with leading laboratories and publish the results publicly for customers to review. Only a few serious laboratories worldwide can test and certify the radiation-blocking properties of a product. Ideally, the test would be performed on a human phantom: a model that mimics the chemical and electrical components of a human body. We chose to double our testing with the MET Labs in the US - country’s leading laboratory for radiation-proof military technologies – and Emitech in Europe to test and certify our technology, and our results are available publicly on our website. Remember that creating a certified radiation-blocking fabric is not enough. The first criteria remain the most important: the mesh needs to be completely all around the garment for the protection to be efficient.

Why didn’t you simply create a phone case?

The WaveStopper technology cannot be put in a cellphone case without interfering with reception. If the technology was to be put in a cellphone case, you would loose most of your cellular reception and it would drain your battery (your smartphone consumes more energy when trying to find better signal). Similar to the previous point, a “back-protected” case would not cover enough surface to protect you from radiation.

Can I combine your underwear with additional anti-EMF devices for maximum protection?

The WaveStopper technology needs to create an electromagnetic shield around the protected area. Installing a metallic cellphone stickers to “divert radiation away” would modify your antenna and impact your cellphone reception. This causes your cellphone to emit more radiation (and consume more battery) to find signal. When it comes to stickers, ion-charged coins and other “protective domes”, don’t be fooled. There is simply no scientific data showing that any of this could protect from radiation.

So what is an electromagnetic shield?

An electromagnetic shield is created when a conductive grid (made of silver or aluminum for instance) is completely surrounding at 360° the object to shield from radiation emission or reception. When the grid holes are small enough, the electromagnetic radiation cannot pass through them and get deflected away.

What’s the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation?

A common myth among the public is that non-ionizing radiation cannot cause cancer. This is inexact. Today, there is sufficient scientific evidence of cellular damage caused by non-ionizing radiation that can lead to cancer. What is true is that ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation do not harm our cells the same way as their biological impacts differ. Ionizing radiation generates a high energy that causes the electrons of atoms to dislodge - effectively creating the “ions”, directly damaging to the DNA; whereas non ionizing radiation interferes with the oxidative repair mechanisms, creating oxidative stress that can lead to cancer. The oxidative stress caused by non-ionizing radiation increases free radicals and studies show that free radicals cause cancer.

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