Your feet are a direct reflection of your overall postural health.

If you have chronic foot problems, they’re a symptom of how your body is compensating for other alignment issues that are negatively impacting your balance, hips, and pelvis. Pain or issues like bunions, hammer toe, high/fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, and other abnormalities are the result of how your body has been forced to compensate to keep you upright and walking. Treating these issues as if they are isolated phenomena will only lead to more problems. Advanced Biostructural Correction addresses the feet as well as the rest of the body to yield lasting relief of these issues. However, if people continue to use the same poorly designed shoes (squishy foot beds, high arches, raised and narrow toe boxes) or orthotics, their feet will not be allowed to untwist and strengthen through proper use. This may seem impossible at first, if you have not yet received ABC treatment, but myself and dozens of others have learned this simple truth. The feet will work correctly if allowed to do so. You can’t always be barefoot, but thankfully there are many new brands of anatomically correct footwear.

Here is a short list of brands I’ve personally used and recommend to clients:

Xero Shoes

Lems Shoes