It doesn't matter what your symptoms or diagnosis, when you get back to eating right and address the causative factors, you can get healthy!

Eric is in touch with the finer elements of healing, from training in places like the tree of life with Gabriel Cousens to the far hills of China, and I feel like I’m in good hands as far as conscious healing goes. Recently I was suffering from a white rash on my shoulders which wouldn’t go away for over a year. I did a lot of research and tried many different oils, lotions and supplements but nothing worked. Finally when I met with Eric he did muscle testing on me and recommended various supplements for me to take. In addition, he did energy psychology work with me regarding some of the deep rooted issues pertaining to my mother. After the session with Eric and a few weeks of taking my supplements the rash disappeared! Eric is an incredible healer and I would recommend him to anyone!
— Dr Michelle Miller,
Eric has met me where no other healer has been able to: willing to meet me where I am with acceptance and enthusiasm, Eric treats my healing as not only possible but inevitable. He is honest, experienced and masterful, able to easefully work with the relevant aspects of imbalances, emotional, physical and energetic. He’s a powerhouse - take advantage of an upgrade today!
— Jesse Johnson, Type 2 Diabetes
I remember speaking to Eric for the first time and sharing with him the difficulty I have with my monthly cycle, as I told him I have PCOS. He smiled and said “Oh, I can easily help you with that!” I could not resist his debonaire confidence and scheduled a session right away. I saw him a few weeks later and we figured out a plan to help my body heal. Ten days later, my cycle was back!
Eric I am so grateful to you for being so knowledgeable, sensitive and compassionate as a practitioner and a human being.
I would highly recommend Eric to anyone seeking preventative health care or anyone who is experiencing mild to severe physical disease.
— Rita Gendelman
This is the first time since last spring that my tummy is calm. It is as if I had been in too much discomfort or too numb before to really feel what was going on inside. Who knew it was so simple to feel so much better!
— Leah McKellop, microscopic Colitis

As a holistic nutritional counselor myself I know the importance of trusting your health with someone else. Eric is a true healer. He is extremely knowledgable and gets to the root of any health issue. He helped me heal many reoccurring health issues that had to do with my digestive system. Integrating high quality supplements which were determined through kinesiology and an herbal gallbladder flush has changed my life. I highly recommend Eric to all of my family and friends!


Several years ago I was diagnosed with IBS and ended up on medication that I thought I would be on for the rest of my life.  After being on it for about a year I was feeling better but all of a sudden my blood pressure sky rocketed.  My heart was fine and there was no explanation.  So my doctor immediately put me on blood pressure medicine that I would also need to be on for the rest of my life.  I couldn't see a way to avoid being on blood pressure medicine but I was determined not to be on the IBS medicine.  So I started taking probiotics and psyllium and stopped taking the prescription medicine.  My stomach issues disappeared and my blood pressure started to drop.  A few weeks after I took myself off the prescription medicine, it was pulled from the market because they found that it was constricting blood vessels and elevating blood pressure.  Eric was just venturing into his quest to be healthy too and my decisions were helped along with conversations with him.
Fast forward to 2 years ago.  Eric - disclaimer: he is my son! - began helping me to change my life style and to eat healthy.  I started by only using organic beef, poultry, and wild caught sea food.  I cut out the beef, then the poultry and ultimately the fish.  I started losing weight, having more energy, and feeling sharper and happier!
And then I had a flare up of my Hashimotos Thyroid Disease.  I started losing hair, gaining weight, and I had no energy.  I knew that I didn't want to take synthetic thyroid and I was fortunate that I had Eric to help me.  He did mud packs to detox me and he started me on a regimen of supplements to help my thyroid.  After 6 months my TSH went from 17 to 7.  And now after a year, my TSH is 4.2, which is in the normal range and my T3 and T4 are also both normal.  I've lost weight, my hair is coming back and I feel great again!
Yes, I am biased because Eric is my son.  But that doesn't change the fact that he has done what all of the doctor's said was impossible.  He was able to get my thyroid working on it's own again without pharmaceuticals that I would have had to stay on the rest of my life.

- Wendy Levinson, Hashimoto's hypothyroid

Counting my blessings...
I want you all to know how grateful and blessed I feel to have found Eric and too be in his care
I went to Eric for some basic nutritional advice.   However, what I received was well beyond my wildest imagination and expectations!  Dr Eric corrected the issues in my spine and neck that "I never knew I had" - I feel better physically, emotionally and spiritually than I can remember.     I know for sure it is because of the energy blocks released in my spine - everyday my life at all levels seems more and more efforetless.... 
My heart overflows with the deepest gratitude to have met Dr Eric and being in his care!

"I have suffered for decades with allergic asthma and Crohn's Disease. I have been hospitalized on two occasions with Crohn's and have experienced many bouts of chronic pain, diarrhea, and inability to eat normally for weeks at a time accompanied by shocking weight loss.  Prior to Eric's recommendation for use of the Mushrooms, I was using Pentasa, a powerful anti inflammatory drug for Crohn's, and Advair 500, the highest dosage of inhaled steroids forAsthma. Since using the Mushroom formulas (2 capsules, 3x per day) over the past year and a half, in addition to use of the coffee and tea products,I have been in remission for both conditions and have eliminated these costly and dangerous medications. The only medication that I continue to use is an over the counter anti histamine. I am most grateful to Eric for helping me with these amazing, natural herbs. "

- Jeffery Levinson, Crohn's Disease, allergic asthma

Mark W

Eric is a gifted and compassionate healer.  I saw him for about 9 months last year.  I didn't have anything in particular that was bothering me, but I didn't feel all that great either.  With Eric's guidance, we completely cleansed my system.  My digestion, energy and sleep all improved markedly.  Thanks to Eric, I am much more in touch with my body and what it needs.  I continue to make better and more conscious choices.  Thank you Eric!


I went to see Eric about 8 months ago initially to test for food allergies but also for symptoms of low energy and fatigue (like everyone, right?). Through a series of kinesiological testings and herbal-based supplements, he helped me clean to up my diet and also led me through a 5-day liver/gallbladder flush. Overall, I easily lost about 25 pounds and have kept it off since. In addition to that, his advice and counseling helped me through a very stressful time in my career, and the changes that we as a team made to my diet have increased my vitality and energy levels. 
Eric is an extremely compassionate and knowledgeable healer, and utilizes only high quality supplements. He truly cares for his clients' health, and that makes all the difference!


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